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The Many Reasons Why Transgender Grievance Culture Is Garbage

In the wake of the recent mass shooting at the Nashville-based Covenant Christian School in which three children and three staff were murdered by a trans activist (a biological woman named Audrey Hale) one would think that questions of mental health would be at the forefront of the discussion on what exactly happened.

However, not surprisingly, Hale is instead being treated as a “victim” herself among leftists – A victim of society and a victim of an insidious anti-trans “genocide” that activists assure us is happening everywhere in America even though we can’t seem to find any evidence of it.

The political left has gone into overdrive in order to do spin control on the shooting, with pro-trans propaganda being flooded into every information venue by multiple corporations and government agencies. They are seeking to bury the lead story, and, much like pride month, saturate the market with a narrative of grievances and victimhood.

Some on the political left have even applauded Hale as a kind of folk hero. Others in the trans community have warned that we “will respect them,” otherwise we might be responsible for even more trans people going insane and killing even more children. They have even turned Hale’s attack into an excuse for gun bans. The leftists created a monster, and now they are using the destruction wrought by that monster to their advantage.

I am not one to jump on political motives every time there is a shooting, but in the case of Audrey Hale I think it is clear that her ideology was the driver for the attack. There is a reason why her manifesto found at the scene has yet to be released by authorities.

White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre defended the “courage” of trans activists rather than noting the courage of the victims at Covenant, including a little girl who was shot trying to warn the rest of the school about the impending slaughter. Pierre described the trans movement as “under attack” by Republicans. I believe this is a deliberate message to other trans lunatics that it’s open season on conservatives or anyone else that doesn’t agree with their delusions.

This has been the ongoing narrative for the past few years: “Trans people are under attack” and thus all of their behavior no matter how criminal is justifiable because they are “defending themselves.” But are they really under attack? What are they defending themselves from? Where is this “trans genocide” we keep hearing about? Surely, there must be numerous examples of trans people being beaten or murdered in the streets if there is a nationwide war on them?

The reality is that the grievance culture surrounding the trans movement is utter garbage – Their victimhood is a fantasy. There is no trans genocide. In fact, in every aspect of moral compass and conscience trans activists display a level of villainy not seen in America in many generations. Here are the reasons why the notion of trans people victimhood is a lie.

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