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“Silence Never an Option When Safeguarding Kids” – Headteacher and Whistleblower Mike Fairclough

Headteacher Mike Fairclough spoke up against the Covid interventions. He saw first-hand what harm school closures and mask mandates do to kids. He asked serious questions about vaccinating youngsters. And he paid a price.

Fairclough has written an emotional piece describing the personal cost of being a whistleblower in defence of children.

The Substack account of UsForThem, the lobby group started by a group of mums to stand up for children during the lockdown, has published his story.

Although I have been cleared of any wrongdoing on all occasions, following independent investigations, these attacks have inevitably taken their toll on me. My 19-year career as a headteacher has been overwhelmingly successful up until this point. My employer, Ofsted and the Department for Education have always supported my educational innovations and celebrated the achievements of the school prior to this time. However, I am now perceived as an extremist and a trouble maker, despite being cleared of the radical allegations against me. I have also been told by former colleagues that I deserve to be punished and should never have spoken out. It appears that any criticism of the Government in relation to its pandemic response and its effects on children is seen as a form of blasphemy by devout followers of the orthodox Covid consensus.

Some of those colleagues believe I was wrong to even question the vaccine roll-out to children because, they tell me, children needed to be vaccinated in order to protect vulnerable adults. I go to sleep thinking about the situation, I dream about it and then wake up in the morning worrying about it again. As a result, my health has suffered in ways which I have never before experienced. I have lost weight, have a constant knot in the pit of my stomach and feel agitated and low much of the time. My personal relationships have also suffered and it feels like every aspect of my life has taken a hit. All because I did my job by blowing the whistle about my safeguarding concerns for the children in my care. This is something which I should be protected for doing, not attacked for, provided I have acted in good faith. I don’t regret speaking out, but I won’t pretend that it has been an easy ride.

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