Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 8 April 2023

DeSantis Warns “Woke Leftist Ideology Is A Threat To Our Freedoms”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned Thursday that unless Americans “hold the line” against the “woke mob” their fundamental freedoms could vanish.

Speaking in Michigan at the Midland County Republican Party breakfast, DeSantis warned “This leftist agenda, the woke ideology is a threat to our freedoms.”

He continued, “It’s not limited to the halls of the legislature. So, yes, we fight the woke in the legislature, but we also fight the woke in the schools, we fight the woke in the bureaucracy, and we fight the woke in corporate America.”

“Our bottom line is we do not surrender to the woke mob. Florida is where woke goes to die,” DeSantis further urged.

He continued, “We have work to do to make sure that this country lives up to its greatest ideals. In order to do that, we must stand strong, we must hold the line, and we can never, ever back down. We’ve got a lot in the state of Florida but I can tell you this, I’ve only begun to fight.”

As we’ve highlighted previously, DeSantis has cracked down on books found in schools and kindergartens that contain graphic pornographic images under the guise of encouraging children to dismiss biological gender.

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