Posted by Jaymie Icke Posted on 7 April 2023

What is the Holy Grail? Does the Holy Grail exist? New Ickonic Original film to reveal more

‘On Easter weekend 2023, In Search of the Holy Grail will be released on Ickonic. Here, we take a little look at what is currently known of and perceived in the mainstream.


The Holy Grail – made particularly famous by the 1975 Monty Python comedy film – is an artifact shrouded in legend, myth, and countless tales of adventure. Whether you’re fascinated by Arthurian lore or simply intrigued by the mystery surrounding this holy relic, read on to discover what makes the search for the Holy Grail one of history’s most enduring quests.


The Holy Grail is an elusive and often misunderstood concept. It is not a physical cup or chalice, but rather a spiritual symbol of wholeness and completion. The grail represents the divine Feminine principle and the quest for self-knowledge and enlightenment.

The word “grail” comes from the Old French graal or greal, meaning “cup” or “dish”. The grail was originally a simple wooden bowl or plate used in Christian ceremonies. Over time, it came to represent more abstract concepts such as truth, beauty, and perfection.

The grail is often associated with the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. In this story, the grail is a magical cup that can heal the sick and grant eternal life. Arthur and his knights embark on a quest to find the grail, but only those who are pure of heart can succeed.

The Holy Grail is also a popular motif in art and literature. It has been depicted in works by everyone from Leonardo da Vinci to J.R.R. Tolkien. The grail often symbolises the search for knowledge or understanding, as well as the challenges involved in achieving it.’

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