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Newly-Elected Lunatic Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Said Black People Should Not Face ‘State-Sponsored Policing’

Chicago’s new Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson told a group organizing for a “police-free future” that black people should be removed from “state-sponsored policing” as a way to fight “white supremacy.”

During the George Floyd riots in the summer of 2020, Johnson came out in support of the “defund the police” movement and spoke on a panel titled “We Don’t Call Police: A Town Hall on a Police-Free Future” in which he praised organizers for pushing “an agenda that actually can transform people’s lives,” the Chicago Tribune reports.

“And part of it is removing ourselves away from this, you know, state-sponsored policing,” he said, “but also the tools that have been placed against Black folks that have been used violently, whether it’s policing, or administering standardized tests, or … around how white supremacy finds its way in every facet of our lives, that we have to fight and resist that.”

Johnson also defended looting during the Floyd riots, stating that “what we’re seeing obviously is an outbreak of incredible frustration and anguish” that’s tied to “a failed racist system,” Wirepoints reports:

Johnson was asked by a WGN-TV interviewer at [the time widespread looting was taking place], “Do you worry about stores leaving Chicago and the county because they don’t think it’s safe?”

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