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Violence Against Stockholm Paramedics Triples in Five Years

Violence against paramedics in Sweden’s capital city has surged in recent years, according to reports.

Emergency medical responders in Stockholm are facing increasing threats to their personal safety and even their lives.

The number of documented incidents involving attacks on ambulance personnel has tripled over the past five years, rising from 21 to 67.

“These include threats with a gun, death threats, punches and kicks, and staff being physically prevented from leaving a site,” Sveriges Radio reports.

Mounting insecurity has coincided with the ongoing influx of migrants from non-European countries.

“It’s unique, and it’s something that has grown over the years. We have quite a few incidents that are not supposed to be a dangerous job to go to, but which become dangerous for us,” ambulance nurse Fredrik Segerblad told the Swedish state broadcaster.

Segerblad, who has worked as an EMT in Stockholm for 10 years, says dangerous circumstances can severely impact responders’ abilities to help injured people.

“When the incident itself happens, you almost feel a bit cold or empty inside. How you feel about the event comes afterwards, when you can breathe,” he explained

Police and emergency crews are frequently ambushed in Western European nations, particularly in migrant enclaves and ‘no-go’ zones where assailants draw little distinction between cops and first responders.

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