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Passing Observations 154

The boss of the GMC is paid over £250,000 and six other staff members are paid over £200,000 a year. Seems a bit rich for a widely disliked and distrusted charity which does little more than collect fees from doctors – and which has, incidentally, created a revalidation programme which I believe has dramatically damaged patient care in Britain.
Britain’s communist government is trying to take over parenthood by handing out huge amounts of taxpayers’ money for parents to spend on childcare. But only 6% of Britons think that both parents should work fulltime.
LBGTQs make up around 3% of the population in England and Wales (1.3 million out of 59.6%) so why do the media over-represent this minority group? Just curious.
Cryptocurrencies were invented to move money from the stupid and gullible to the corrupt and greedy.
According to a map showing the UK’s official flood risk area, the area at risk includes part of the English Channel.
Globalisation peaked several years ago. Nothing will ever again be as cheap or accessible as it was.
Harbour Energy, the biggest energy producer in the North Sea, paid 99.7% in tax last year (thanks to the UK Government’s windfall tax). Not surprisingly, this sort of tax rate does not encourage more investment in the UK.
The lefty mindset is devoted to levelling down rather than levelling up. The constant aim is failure and defeat – as long as it is done in a politically correct way.
Governments and their brainwashing experts know that fear leads to respect and compliance. Everything they do these days is designed to build up fear and use it to their advantage. I suspect that the letters BBC stand for Blatantly Bent and Corrupt. The corporation, like the rest of the mainstream media specialises in hogwash, hearsay, malarkey and flapdoodle.
The world would be an infinitely better place if there were more brooding and pondering and far less doing,
We are all paying record high taxes so that our governments can do more to terrorise us and threaten our health and safety – and involve us in a war no one wants.
In 2022 the British tax collectors failed to collet £42 billion which it should have collected. No one was punished. £42 billion is quite a lot – you can buy a day’s worth of bullets for Ukraine with that sort of money.
Nelson Piquet, former racing driver, was fined £780,000 for making racist and homophobic comments. I don’t defend for one second what I think he might have said (asterisks can always be tricky things). But I do defend his right to say them. No one has accused him of libelling anyone or encouraging terrorism. It’s called free speech and the woke don’t like it.
Japanese scientists have trained a group of pigeons to distinguish paintings by Picasso and Monet with 90% accuracy. That means that pigeons are probably better informed that most art students.
The average car in the UK costs £39,000. The price has nearly doubled in the last five years. The reason is that manufacturers add more and more semi-useless features to cars – more things to go wrong. When the famous Mini was introduced in 1959 it cost £10,870 in today’s money. Why doesn’t someone produce a cheap, basic car that just goes from A to B and keeps the driver and his passengers dry? (In America the average new car now costs $47,000.)
Five hundred years ago pigeon guano was a highly prized fertiliser. Dovecotes were protected by armed guards. I thought you’d like to know.
Most climate change cultists live at home with their Mums and Dads. They’ve never had a job but receive enough in benefits to be able to fly to the latest climate change conference.
The BBC licence fee is now reported to be essential because without it there would be no Welsh broadcasting.
When Britain switched to the Gregorian calendar in 1752, the inhabitants of Foula, a tiny Shetland Island decided they would hang on to the Julian calendar. They still run 12 days behind the rest of Britain. On Foula, New Year’s Day is on 13th January.
The lies told about the covid-19 ‘vaccine’ mean that citizens will never again trust what their government tells them about any vaccination.

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