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Trans Athletes Banned From Women’s Events by Swim England

Transgender athletes have been banned from licensed women’s swimming events by Swim England, in the latest victory for commonsense against trans ideology. The Mail has the story.

The sport’s governing body has introduced an ‘open’ category for those born male as well as trans or non-binary competitors, while a ‘female’ category will be restricted to those with a birth sex of female.

The policy comes into effect on September 1st and will apply to competitions under Swim England’s auspices including those organised by member regions and clubs.

Swim England said hormonal therapy reduced performance advantage but was “insufficient to negate it completely and trans females therefore likely retain an advantage over their cisgender peers”.

“As a result, Swim England believes the restriction of certain competition to birth sex females to be justified and proportionate in the pursuit of fair competition,” it added.

The policy contains provision for self-identification at lower-level events such as recreational races.

Last year swimming’s world governing body FINA voted to ban those who have gone through male puberty from women’s events. It comes amid controversy in the U.S. after Lia Thomas, 22, became the first transgender swimmer to win America’s top university swimming championship in the female category last March.

It follow similar bans announced in recent days by U.K. Athletics and World Athletics, reflecting a concerted move to keep males out of women’s sport. Let’s hope the unexpected outbreak of rationality is contagious.

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