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“Disingenuous” Conversion Therapy Ban Will “Criminalise Parents” for Protecting Their Children From LGBT Ideology

The Scottish Government’s plans for a wide-ranging ban on LGBT ‘conversion therapy’ will terrorise parents for “simply trying to help their children navigate normal adolescence” and criminalise Christians for “teaching what Christians have always taught” and should be dropped, church leaders in Scotland have said in a letter to the new Minister for Equality Emma Roddick. The Scotsman has the story.

Reverend Dr. William Philip, of the Tron Church, Glasgow, and signatory on the letter, said the planned ban was “alarming”.

He said: “The presentation – as a law to protect LGBT people from abuse – is disingenuous; all such abuse and coercion is already, quite rightly, illegal. It is these proposals which are abusive towards ordinary people, including loving parents protective of their children – by criminalising simply speaking with them, praying for them, or daring to disagree with LGBT ideology.

“Threatening to punish church leaders and churches for upholding Christian teaching; terrorising mothers and fathers with the spectre of removing their parental rights for simply trying to help their children navigate normal adolescence – are these really the marks of a free and tolerant society?”

Professor David Galloway of the Lennox Evangelical Church in Dumbarton [and former president of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons], said church leaders wanted to be able to share the teachings of Jesus [with] all.

He said: “We could never support abuse or coercion, which are completely at odds with the Bible’s teaching. But we have a duty to lead our congregations in living for Christ, in the way He has taught us. And that means teaching what the Bible says about all areas of life – including sexuality and gender.

“An evidence-based case for a new law has not been made and no gaps in existing law have been identified. Yet the Scottish Government is continuing to press ahead with a law that could see ordinary Christians criminalised for merely expressing their beliefs.”

Other signatories include reverends and pastors from the Church of Scotland, Scottish Episcopal Church, the Elim Pentecostal Church, the Free Church of Scotland, the United Free Church of Scotland, Associated Presbyterian Churches, and the Free Church (Continuing).

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