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Best Dental Center in Turkey at Affordable Costs

Dentatur is a famous Turkish dental clinic that provides a wide range of services. We can assist you with teeth alignment, closing spaces between teeth, teeth whitening, and single-tooth or multiple-tooth implants. Dentatur’s goals are to provide you with a brilliant and genuinely lovely smile while using the most up-to-date dental care technology. To examine the outcomes of our dental work in Turkey, you can also view our “before and after” photo collection.


Both locals and visitors from other countries are welcome at our dental clinics in Turkey. The dental treatment prices are significantly more economical for those from England, Europe, and America. Here at Dentatur, they are outfitted with high-quality machinery that enables their specialists to provide the best dental care available. They provide a comprehensive range of dental services, from straightforward surgical dentistry to complicated cosmetic dentistry, to ensure that their patient’s teeth constantly sparkle. Click on the link to see a list of dentist prices in Turkey.


By getting dental care in Turkey, patients can save a lot of money. Prices in Turkey are often not so inexpensive when compared to other parts of Europe. Nonetheless, dental care is considerably less expensive than it is at hospitals in Western Europe, North America, and Australia. Most patients may be perplexed as to why. Cheaper dental care is frequently associated with lower-quality treatment but here at Dentatur we provide the highest level of quality at the most affordable rates. That isn’t the case in Turkey, a nation that complies with EU norms, and it most definitely isn’t the case with the treatments provided by Premium Dentistry Turkey. We’ll go through why receiving dental care at one of our clinics in Turkey is more economical for individuals from wealthy nations down below.


Low Operating Costs in Clinics/Hospitals 

Dental care is more affordable in Turkey than it is in countries like the UK or the US because of lower operating expenses, including dentist and laboratory fees. According to some estimations, Turkish dentists’ fees are almost 55% less expensive than those in Western Europe and the US. This figure is subject to variation, but in general, Turkey’s prices are much more tolerable. As a result, patients pay less than in many other nations, passing on the cost savings to them directly. At Premium Dental Turkey, we make sure that our patients pay lesser fees as a result of our lower operational costs. 


Types of dental implants:


  • Single Dental Implant: When only one tooth is missing and you want to replace it for function, comfort, and appearance, a single dental implant is the best option. One dental crown that attaches to the implant screw is necessary.
  • Implant Supported Bridges: Bridges supported by implants are the best option for those who have numerous missing teeth. The bridge is anchored by the implant. A fixed dental bridge makes other teeth immobile, restoring function. Moreover, it enhances speech and eating abilities.
  • All-On-4: When a patient is searching for a reliable replacement for numerous lost teeth, all-on-4 implants are suggested. With this treatment, your complete upper or lower jaw is restored.
  • 3-On-6: A 3-on-6 implant is an option to an implant-retained denture. It has three distinct dental bridges that are connected to six dental implants.



Exchange Rate Advantage

Most dental procedures are pricey everywhere, especially branded ones like All-on-4 Dental Implants. However, in Turkey, identical surgery can be had for less money because of the currency exchange rate. Compared to the British pound or the US dollar, the Turkish lira is worth less. As a result of the cost reductions from currency conversion, patients from the US, the UK, or other parts of Europe can pay less for the same services. As a result of the cost reductions from currency conversion, patients from the US, the UK, or other parts of Europe can pay less for the same services.


For the same kind of service, you will theoretically pay less when purchasing with a stronger currency. We offer prices in three different currencies: the US dollar, the euro, and the British pound sterling. You can contrast the costs of treatment at our clinic with those at a facility in your home country. The benefits of currency exchange and the decreased operating costs may be enjoyed by patients from the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, and even Japan.


No exorbitant third-party costs

In addition to the operational costs of our clinic, Turkey has lower dental fees and laboratory charges than many other nations. Even our top-notch dentists are less expensive in our country than in other nations since dentists don’t charge as much. Patients can save a lot of money since we pay our dentists’ fees following the custom in the area. Also, dental customers are frequently shocked by exorbitant third-party laboratory prices.


With our clinic, Premium Dental Turkey can create conventional dental orthodontics such as crowns and braces. Some are delegated to a top-notch outside laboratory. The overall fees are cheap as usual because they are in the local currency. Patients are charged extremely fairly by our partners and the clinic labs, so you can anticipate only reasonable prices. At Superior Dental Turkish Clinics, you won’t have to worry about lab fees driving up your overall bill.


No additional fees

The majority of the money you spend will go toward the dental surgery itself. In the case of a dental crown, for instance, the majority of the cost you pay will go toward creating the crown itself rather than going toward paying the dentist or a lab. Extra fees from things like insurance claims, assistant presence, equipment rental, diagnostic scans, and other things quickly mount up in places like the US. Patients can take advantage of remarkably inexpensive pricing because we don’t charge for diagnostic scans or add fees that are only tangentially related to service. On a treatment, you can save hundreds or even thousands.

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