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The NHS is in Crisis – So Why is it Hiring Diversity Managers on £55,000 a Year?

The already 3,000-employee Care Quality Commission (CQC) is hiring. Hopefully you all know who the CQC is. On its website it explains:

CQC is the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England.

We make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and we encourage care services to improve.

We monitor, inspect and regulate services and publish what we find. Where we find poor care, we will use our powers to take action.

So whom do you think the CQC is hiring? Doctors, nurses and healthcare workers with experience to check on the quality of care in our hospitals and care homes? That wouldn’t be too smart as we already have a shortage of doctors and nurses and in care homes a recent health minister decided that any care worker refusing the ‘miracle vaccines’ should be fired. I believe this led to around 40,000 care workers leaving the profession. This then led to a lack of care facilities for people ready to leave hospitals and thus a massive increase in so-called ‘bed-blockers’.

Hey, I’ve just had a crazy idea. From what little I understand, many people in the medical and care-home sector retire early due to health problems – back pain is, I believe, a major issue from constantly having to lift often gravitationally-challenged (a.k.a. fat) people. What if many of these early retirees still wanted to make a contribution? What if they missed the company of like-minded colleagues and would actually rather work than sit at home? Wouldn’t they make ideal CQC employees given they would have spent their working lives in hospitals and care homes? Surely these would be the kind of people the CQC would be looking to hire?

But no, the CQC has other views on its personnel needs. So the CQC is currently looking for a Diversity and Inclusion Officer. The description of the job is quite short:

The role of the Diversity and Inclusion (D and I) Officer will be of critical support to develop and deliver the new Diversity and Inclusion strategy, as well as existing key projects within the Diversity and Inclusion team.

This work is core delivery within the Human Resources (HR) Business Plan and People plan, and will enable colleagues to effectively deliver the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) strategic priorities.

The benefits the lucky candidate will receive is much longer:

  • This role will provide experience in organisational change, Human Resources, and working with senior colleagues. We want to support you to succeed and be your absolute best, with opportunities for training and development, along with the support of experienced managers and mentors.

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