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Ministers come under pressure to scrap ‘preposterous’ and ‘dangerous’ LTNs as it emerges 240 ambulances were delayed by low traffic schemes

Ministers were last night under growing pressure from their own MPs and campaigners to scrap ‘preposterous’ and ‘dangerous’ low-traffic neighbourhoods.

It came as new figures showed nearly 240 ambulances were delayed from reaching potentially life-threatening callouts due to the controversial schemes.

Experts said the recorded incidents would be ‘the tip of the iceberg’ as they relate only to London and there are hundreds more low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) in other cities. It is also believed that not all incidents were recorded.

The disclosure comes amid a growing revolt against the controversial schemes and a raft of other anti-car measures such as clean air zones being imposed across the country.

Angry residents in Rochdale launched a rebellion by setting LTNs there alight. The vigilantes set fire to a number of planters that were used to close roads just hours after they were installed last week.

A series of violent incidents over LTNs has also been reported in Oxford since being launched.

Thousands of protestors have taken to the streets in and around the city in a bid to have the schemes ditched.

There is also opposition to established or planned schemes in Hereford, Brighton, Bath, St Andrews, Jesmond in Newcastle upon Tyne, Warrington in Cheshire, Southsea in Portsmouth and Leith in Edinburgh.

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