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Fools Day – a Solar New Year

The Fool, or ‘Kesil’, was often connected to the court jester and a medieval fool can also be found in the Hebrew noun ‘kes’ (a throne), or Arabic ‘kursi’, and is unique to Orion’s relationship with royalty; hence why the court jester held a vital position in the royal courts of Europe. The jester was the only person who could mock (make an ass of) the court in front of the king. According to Greek legends, the god Apollo, changed King Midas’ ears into ass’s ears because he preferred the sound of Pan’s pipes to the music of the temple of Delphi.

The innocence of the Fool and the Age, or time before the fall relates to this symbolism. It is the ‘unnumbered’ Fool who begins the tarot (or the journey) from the innocence of spirit to the outwardly physical projection of the world (reality).

The tarot cards, the Fool (or Joker), the Magician, and the Hermit are archetypes showing a connection to Orion (the star man). Major Arcana tarot cards seem to be hinting at a path of self-discovery, that starts with Orion (Fool card) and ends with the earth matrix (World card) – see Orion’s Door.

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