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Whopping 82% of Berlin’s Voters Refuse to Support Net Zero 2030 as Referendum Fails

A key vote for Net Zero CO2 emissions by 2030 in Berlin has failed to reach the turnout threshold to be deemed valid, with just 18% turning out to vote in favour, in a major setback for activists. Pierre Gosselin in Watts Up With That? has more.

Last Sunday’s ‘Berlin Climate Neutrality By 2030’ referendum failed resoundingly despite the more than a million euros spent in a massive run-up campaign that included plastering the city with posters, concerts by famous performers, huge support and propaganda by the media and hefty donations coming from Left wing activists from the east and west coasts of the USA.

Once the dust of the referendum had settled, it emerged that the ‘yes’ side fell way short of the quorum 608,000 votes needed to pass the measure. Only 442,210 cast a vote in favour, which represents only 18% of Berlin’s eligible voters. The activists expected a far greater turnout. 82% refused to lend any support.

Berlin’s rejection of the climate neutrality by 2030 mandate is a massive body blow to the the radical ‘Fridays for Future’ and ‘Last Generation’ movement in Germany, and it will take months for the radicals to recover, if ever, from this setback.

The Berlin initiative to make the city climate neutral by 2030 was led by rich, upper class youths like Luisa ‘Longhaul’ Neubauer. But Berliners, having been harassed for months by activists gluing themselves to the streets and blocking traffic, saw the folly of the initiative and the high costs it would entail politically and financially. They decided resoundingly they wanted no part of it.

The final results were 442,210 for ‘yes’ and 423,418 for ‘no’, a narrow majority for yes of 51% vs 49% of those who turned out. However, with just 18% showing up to vote in favour, the support fell far short of the quorum of 25% of the population of 2,430,000 that was needed, so the motion failed.

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