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‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ to Go Ahead in D.C. Despite School Massacre by Trans Activist

Despite three nine-year-olds being gunned down by a transgender shooter at a private Christian school in Nashville, activists are still rallying the troops to protest for a ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ – months after raising money for firearms training. The Mail has more.

Transgender shooter Audrey Hale opened fire on the Covenant School in Nashville at 10.30am on Monday, killing Hallie Scruggs, William Kinney and Evelyn Dieckhaus during her rampage at the school.

But despite rising political tensions across the country, which saw a press secretary for Arizona’s Democrat Governor post a Tweet about shooting transphobes, the Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN) is pushing forward with its protest in DC.

The Virginia chapter of the group held a “dance party fundraiser” in Richmond “benefiting firearm/self-defence training for trans-Virginians” on March 7th, before the mass shooting had taken place.

In statements, the group has taken pains to distance itself from Hale, and her actions, and changed the name of the protest before the brutal slayings.

The protest on Saturday was initially meant to be called a “day of visibility” but rebranded before the shooting to vengeance because it means “fighting back with vehemence” – though the group was quick to say they do not “encourage or promote violence” when contacted by

But one activist appears to have taken the movement to the next level, posting a picture [above] of a heavily armed person with an assault rifle and threatening to “kill christcucks” – as Twitter removed thousands of posts with flyers for the event.

Twitter has been removing the posts that could be deemed threatening or involve guns associated with the ‘TransDayofVengeance’ hashtag – but it is unclear exactly how many were others posing with weapons as they have since been deleted.

Ella Irwin, Twitter’s Head of Trust and Safety, wrote that the company removed more than 5,000 tweets that included a poster for the event.

She said: “We do not support tweets that incite violence irrespective of who posts them. ‘Vengeance’ does not imply peaceful protest. Organising or support for peaceful protests is ok.”

Two other trans activists have since posted footage and photos of themselves with rifles, which appear to be in direct response to the Nashville shooting.

One says that she [sic] will use the weapon for “protection” against “transphobes” who target them.

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