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Online Trading Platforms – Comparing the Best Platforms for Traders and Investors

Becoming a trader or investor is one thing, but having access to a platform that assists with daily transactions can be something else entirely. Gone are the days of slow processing, paper forms and manual contracts – these days, everything can be done online and with the aid and support of a dedicated trading platform, these tasks can be made all the easier.

What Are Trading Platforms?

For those new to the industry, trading platforms are typically websites, tools and pieces of software that monitor and evaluate particular assets, present them in neatly defined tables and then make it easy for investors to pick and choose which assets to purchase and which commodities to sell.

These platforms will often compile huge databases of information and analytics to assist with understanding key market trends, the right time to sell and other useful activities. Choosing the right one for your needs can make a huge difference to your success.


As one of the world’s leading trading platforms, e-Toro is a true powerhouse of trading potential. With data analytics, advanced algorithms, options to monitor and follow successful trades and a host of commodity access, it’s a firm favourite among traders. Throw in the fact that it’s also one of the oldest services on the market and you’ll be receiving experience, as well as technical expertise and user experience.


Another market leader, Fineco recently developed a world-class trading platform known as Finecox, which takes the potential to trade openly and without restriction to new heights. It’s fully functional, incredibly versatile and although fairly new; it rivals even some of the most veteran platforms in the field, with countless new traders joining it for the sheer potential that it has to offer to their investment activities.


Another veteran in the field, although not boasting quite as many features as Finecox, is FXPro. This piece of software works as both an app on a mobile and a desktop solution, making it pretty versatile. The only thing is that it focuses mainly on trading Forex, so certain types of traders may feel a little left out. With that being said, it’s still one of the most effective platforms on the market.


If daily trading is a little daunting, then Betterment could be a good option, as it was designed with traders that take a laxer approach in mind. It offers a range of features and is versatile enough to compete with the above platforms, but where it really shines is in its automated features that allow the user to sit back and only visit their trades when they feel like it.

Selecting the right trading platform

The above are just a handful of platforms for traders and investors and our favourite has to be Finecox due to its versatile nature, modern solutions and advanced programming. There’s really no reason why a trader couldn’t consider signing up to more than one platform; in fact, many investors do exactly this to ensure that their capital is reaching as much of the market as digitally possible.

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