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Exclusive Property in Emaar Beachfront for investment. Reasons to choose Emaar Beachfront Apartments

If you dream of living by the sea, we present to your attention a new development by Emaar called Emaar Beachfront. It is located in Dubai Harbor, near Palm Jumeirah. The best architects in the state with a worldwide reputation carefully plan the Emaar Beachfront project. It is a modern city by the sea, an exclusive combination of cosmopolitan living in a prime location and a relaxed seaside lifestyle. It includes the best hotels and restaurants in Dubai, a concert venue, entertainment and shopping centers, and luxury residences that can be bought or rented.

Seeing the beauty and uniqueness of Dubai places, you will come back again and again. By searching for apartments in Emaar Beachfront for sale, you will experience a high standard of living and security for your family that you can only dream of. Therefore, business people worldwide are actively investing in the business and acquiring real estate in Dubai for living in the Emirates.

We encourage you to purchase a home and settle permanently in the unique areas of Dubai. It can be a residential complex in the center of the park or a luxurious Emaar Beachfront residence overlooking the Persian Gulf. A fairy tale can not only be read but also lived in it. And people living in Dubai know this firsthand.


Why should you choose Emaar Beachfront Apartments?

Emaar is one of the largest developers in Dubai, with many years of experience and successful implementation of projects. From the development of Emaar Beachfront, projects such as Beach Vista, Sunrise Bay, and Marina Vista have already been implemented.

Emaar Beachfront is a collection of 27 luxury residences designed in contemporary style with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Dubai Marina, JBR, and the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. Future residents can choose from 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments inspired by the Miami lifestyle.

Every day you will enjoy a unique combination of modern conveniences and a serene island lifestyle at your doorstep. Working days will dilute family trips to a restaurant, entertainment, or shopping center, where world brands are represented.

Real estate in Dubai by the sea is an opportunity to invest money profitably and realize the dream of a quiet family vacation. The coast of the Persian Gulf has always been attractive not only for tourists but also for investors. Sandy beaches with golden sand, warm sea, fresh seafood and exotic fruits, and clean air – this is just a small list of what attracts future owners.

By purchasing Emaar Beachfront apartments on the seafront, you can relax and receive passive income by renting out housing. After all, the tourist season here is all year round.

Emaar Beachfront flats in Dubai start at $350,000.00.


Why is it promising to invest in Beachfront?

Here are a few reasons:

  • the ordinary revenue from renting flats in Marina Vista is 7% – 8% per year;
  • 60/40 (60% of the price is paid over 2 years, and 40% after trusting), exemption from DLD tariff for 50% of the cost in case of purchasing a 1- or 2-room flat, when purchasing 3- and 4-room, including villas – 100% – in Beach Isle;
  • 30% of the cost of the flats within 2 years after the lease – at the Palace.


Emaar Beachfront assignments

Marina Vista:

  •     remote coast, 750 m long, path for walking Emaar Beachfront Boulevard;
  • Grand Bleu Tower by Elie Saab;
  • stunning panoramic views of Palm Island, JBR, and the Persian Gulf;
  • Elie Saab and his group strategy the flats.

Sunrise Bay: flats with decks up to 50 sqm, forever collections, and 1.5 km of clean sandy beach. Just a quick drive from New Dubai, Dubai Marina, JBR Beach shopping and amusement walk, and the central Sheikh Zayed Road, which takes 20 minutes to the international airport.

Beach Isle: a duo of chic Miami architecture in a restrained style on the beaches of the Persian Gulf, assembled in one high-rise building with attached villas for sale in Dubai.

Beach Vista: two 33-story towers, connected by a six-level podium, each with its complex infrastructure. Citizens have entry to a 1.5-kilometer white sand shore, a pool with the effect of “without borders”, health spas, and fitness centers.

Palace: residential neighborhood away from the bustle of the metropolis, just a 15-minute drive from the hub of Dubai. From the towers of Palace Beach Residences, boutiques, cafes, and other thrilling locations in the city are easily accessible.


Property in Dubai

Emaar Beachfront is a tandem of fashionable architecture and comfort in one complex on the unique, artificial island of Palm Jumeirah.

At the disposal of the residents:

  • gorgeous beachfront with white sand;
  • shopping and recreation centers and cafes;
  •     own created infrastructure with boutiques, spas, and fitness rooms.

Emaar has long set itself as skilled in different locations of the building company: apartments for sale in Dubai, hospitality and shopping centers, mansions, and other real estate. AX CAPITAL can help you find the best options. 

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