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Klaus Schwab: “…Who Masters Those Technologies, In Some Way, Will Be The Master Of The World.”

During the World Government Summit 2023, which was held in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on February 13-15, the chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, proclaimed that whoever controls the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution will be the master of the world.

Schwab was introduced by the chairman of the meeting, Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Gergawi. It was obvious who was higher in rank. Even in the recently released commemorative film for the tenth anniversary of the World Government Summit, Schwab is the opening speaker.

World Government Summit was founded in 2013 as ”Government Summit” by the absolute monarch of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum (he is also the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates). According to Schwab, the meeting was functioning like a “little brother” to the World Economic Forum annual meeting i Davos. In 2016, the Government Summit was upgraded to become an organisation, and the name  changed to the “World Government Summit” to reflect its ambitions to play a greater role on the international arena and strengthen its cooperation with global institutions and organisations such as the UN, WEF and the World Bank.To underline this, the SDGs in Action initiative was started in the same year.

The purpose of the forum is to form a knowledge platform at the “intersection between government, futurism, technology and innovation.” Besides Gergawi, the leadership consists of the two UAE ministers Ohood Bint Khalfan Al Roumi and Omar Sultan Al Olama. All three are closely associated with the World Economic Forum. Gergawi is a member of the WEF Leadership Council while Ohood and Omar are Young Global Leaders (class of 2012 and 2022, respectively).

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