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Top 3 World’s Most Expensive Paintings

Fine art is one of the oldest types of art, which does not lose its popularity and remains one of the most expensive

8 years ago, at Christie’s auction in New York, Pablo Picasso’s painting “Algerian Women” was sold, which became the most expensive work of art in history, displacing the former leader “Three Sketches for a Portrait of Lucien Freud” by Francis Bacon from the first position. The cost of Picasso’s work at the auction reached $179.365 million. Now this particular painting is considered the most expensive in the world sold at open auctions. However, Picasso’s “Algerian Women” did not set a unique record, because the paintings that are sold at private auctions are impressive with much larger numbers. You can read more about world’s most expensive painting on

“When is the wedding?” Paul Gauguin

The canvas of the French painter, post-impressionist Gauguin was sold at a private auction for $300 million. This very canvas, created in 1892, is actually the most expensive painting in the world, overtaking Picasso’s “Women of Algeria”. “When is the wedding?” belonged to the Swiss collector Rudolf Stechelin and was exhibited in the Basel Art Museum. Stechelin sold the Gauguin painting in 2015, which he himself confirmed, but did not name the amount. As it turned out later, the painting was purchased by the organization Qatar Museums, which buys works of art for museums in Qatar.

Gauguin created this painting when he arrived in Tahiti. His attention was drawn to female role models who were not bound by Christian morality. Gauguin created the canvas when he married Tahitian Tehura, who was 13 years old at the time. She became the model for many of Gauguin’s paintings from his first Tahitian period.

“Card Players” (3rd picture of the series) Paul Cézanne

The next painting, which took second place among the most expensive, was also sold at private auctions. $250 million was paid for this canvas. In total, Paul Cézanne’s “Card Players” series includes 5 canvases. The most expensive sold is the third picture created by the French painter in 1892-1893. The paintings of the series differ among themselves in the number of depicted players and in size. The third, unlike the other four, which are kept in museums in Europe and the USA, was in a private collection until recently. In 2012, the family of the emir of Qatar bought the painting for the national museum.

“Algerian Women” by Pablo Picasso

The picture, called the most expensive in history, de facto occupies the third place, giving way to canvases from private auctions. But in terms of open sales, “Algerian women” really became the most expensive. The cost of Picasso’s work reached $179.365 million. According to representatives of the auction house, this is the largest amount ever paid at an auction for an art object. The uniqueness of the painting “Algerian Women”, painted by the artist in 1955 in memory of his friend Henri Matisse, is that it is practically the only work by Pablo Picasso that belongs to a private person. For a long time, the painting was owned by the Americans Victor and Sally Ganz, but 18 years ago they sold it to a collector from London for $31 million. The identity of the person who bought the painting yesterday is unknown.

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