Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 29 March 2023

The Tik Tok Ban Smokescreen

In its short 6-year lifespan, Beijing-based company Bytedance’s Tik Tok has surpassed with well over 2 billion downloads worldwide.

From the outset, the Chinese Algorithm Source code had been collecting the habits and inner intent of every single user. Building a psychological profile of each user while addicting them to content promoting self-harm by catering to their preferences and habits, most of them children.


Meanwhile, privacy policy moderators and employees answering directly to the Chinese Communist Party have access to private chats and all collected personal information. Four Employees at Bytedance were fired in 2022 for doxing journalists’ sensitive information and IP addresses.

And as Russia and China unite to bring an end to the global institution of the American dollar, Russia banned all Silicon Valley social media, while using Tik Tok to wall off Russian citizens from the outside world.

This new horizon of the collection of personal data has been seeping into company and client and employee relationships for years, emboldening the totalitarian landscape.

Any fool still using the mass mind controlling Tik Tok is merely a rat in a Totalitarian cage, under the boot of a rabid hydra of propaganda growing in power every day as technocrats reach the coming singularity of AI, personal data sacrificed at the alter of the Communist party and the global psy-op Eugenic engineers.

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