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Follow the Money: Unmasking Bill Gates’ unwarranted influence on ‘Covid’ Health Policy & His controversial ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Bill Gates, a billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist, has long been perceived as a benevolent figure, striving to improve global public health. However, the reality may be far different than this carefully cultivated image.

In this article, we delve into the influence Bill Gates wields in public health sectors and explore the reasons why he is often seen as a medical expert despite having no formal qualifications.

We also examine some of the questionable motives and connections that cast a shadow on his seemingly “charitable”  endeavours.

Gates Foundation and the WHO

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has become one of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) most significant donors in recent years, contributing hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

In fact, the Gates Foundation’s financial support to the WHO has grown so much that it now outpaces the contributions made by many individual nations.

This considerable funding has raised concerns about the level of influence the foundation wields over the organization’s decision-making processes and global health policies.

Influence Over Global Health Policies

With the Gates Foundation being a substantial source of funding for the WHO, there are valid concerns about the Foundation’s impact on the Organization’s agenda and priorities.

The Bill Gates Foundation’s financial influence has the potential to divert the WHO’s attention from critical public health issues to projects that align more closely with the foundation’s interests.

This has resulted in a disproportionate focus on specific diseases or the promotion of certain interventions, such as mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, at the expense of other crucial health initiatives and the health and lives of the public.

Conflicts of Interest

The Gates Foundation’s funding of the WHO raises serious questions about potential conflicts of interest, given that the Foundation holds shares in pharmaceutical companies that develop and manufacture vaccines.

With the WHO being responsible for coordinating global health responses and providing guidance on vaccination policies, there is a concern that the Gates Foundation’s financial interests have and will continue to influence the WHO’s decision-making in ways that are more aligned with the foundation’s profit motives than with global health needs.

The Gates Foundation-MHRA Connection

In 2017, the UK Medicine Regulator, the MHRA, received a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation worth £980,000 to facilitate a “collaboration” between the two entities.

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