Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 28 March 2023

The climate change hoax: the onset of madness revisited

Future historians are going to have as much trouble understanding this age as contemporary authors have in dealing with the Salem witch trials.

There is just about as much rationality in the government’s current plans to spend £20 billion on sucking carbon dioxide out of power station flue gasses and burying it in the ground under the sea. Of all the things on which our government could spend our money, this has to qualify as about the most insane thing it could possibly do.

It transcends anything Jonathan Swift could have imagined for the mad scientists of the Academy of Lagado where, by contrast, the process of extracting sunbeams from cucumbers is the epitome of sanity.

Furthermore, this is not just some vague, scatty scheme for the future, to keep the lunatic greens happy, without an actual commitment to do anything. Real, apparently sentient people like Grant Shapps, the energy and net-zero secretary, is to unveil not one but six carbon capture and storage projects on the east coast of England and Merseyside.

They are, we are told, likely to include the Keadby 3 gas-fired power station in Lincolnshire and the HyNet hydrogen power scheme in Liverpool, forming part of what is considered to be a key part of Britain’s new industrial “strategy” – enterprises apparently intending to replace the production of oil and gas from the North Sea.

This actually lends a new and additional dimension to the insanity, where productive and valuable industries are to be wound up, to be replaced by these parasitic enterprises which will suck vitality out of the economy, along with what will become the most expensive (unused) plant food in the history of mankind.

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