Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 27 March 2023

The Dragon Consumes the Bear in Its Quest for World Domination

The recent visit by Chinese leader Xi Jinping to his “friend forever” in Moscow, Vladimir Putin, marks a new phase in Xi’s efforts to create a new world order dominated by authoritarian regimes.

The ostensible reason for the visit was to promote China’s peace plan for the war in Ukraine, but the outcome of the visit reveals the true intention.

Coming just days after the International Criminal Court (ICC) announcement that a warrant had been issued for the arrest of Putin on charges of having deported Ukrainian children to Russia, Xi’s visit was succour for the embattled Russian leader.

In fact, the Chinese regime again rejected the international rule of law, with foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin claiming that the ICC should take an “objective” position, interpret and apply international law in “good faith,” and not use “double standards.”

The visit to Russia supported Xi’s three objectives: to unite against a common enemy, the United States; to advance his stated ambition to replace democracy as the global norm; and to establish Chinese hegemony, especially in the Indo-Pacific.

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