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Crucial Information: How To Advocate For Yourself Or A Loved One In The Hospital

This interview with an angel, Laura Bartlett, will save many lives. Laura teaches us specifically how to ensure that our informed consent is acted upon if we find ourselves in the hospital. Just because you end up in the hospital doesn’t mean you aren’t free. You have patient rights, you have medical freedom, you have Constitutional, natural and human rights that NEVER go away. You will learn the exact process to follow to inform hospitals and doctors what you consent to and more importantly, what you do NOT consent to. You will learn how to access your EMR – Electronic Medical Record. You will learn how to advocate for yourself or a loved one in the hospital. Laura Bartlett started helping her brother, Dr. Bartlett, get the word out about an effective treatment at the beginning of the “pandemic.” She soon came to realize that people were feeling like they were being held against their will in the hospital and that they couldn’t withdraw their consent to certain treatments and testing, so she began what has turned into the Hospital Hostage Hotline – totally free. Her goal is for so many people to have notarized consent forms in advance that her services will be obsolete. This information will also help good doctors stand up for their patients wishes to hospital boards. This podcast could save your life or the lives of your loved ones. Please share widely. Hospital Hostage Help Hotline: 888-219-3637

Crucial Information: How To Advocate For Yourself Or A Loved One

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