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Challenge to Ara Darzi from Vernon Coleman

Ara Darzi, who was born in Iraq and is a member of the British House of Lords and works at Imperial College, London (what a surprise) has stated that ‘antivaxers are a global menace who must be defeated’.

I believe this is akin to stating that ‘people who tell the truth are a global menace who must be defeated’.

Darzi was Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health under Gordon Brown – who probably did more in his time as Prime Minister to destroy health care in the UK.

Of course, Darzi’s offensive remark was not original.

In 2019, the World Health Organization declared that anti-vaxxers are among the top threats to global health – a statement which should go straight into the top ten really stupid remarks made in the 21st century.

And I’ve experienced censorship for decades because I have consistently told the truth about vaccines and vaccination. No one has ever found factual errors in any of the many statements I’ve made about vaccines.

Long before the fake pandemic and the fake vaccine were introduced in 2020, I was banned all around the world for telling the truth about vaccines.

So, for example, the following paragraph appeared in 2011 in my book Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying: Here’s the proof.

‘The power of the pro-vaccination lobby is powerful and far spread. When I wrote a short-lived column for the Oriental Morning Post in China the editors were at first reluctant to publish a column I had written criticising vaccination. Eventually, the editors printed the piece (simply because I refused to provide an alternative). After the column appeared, my book publishers in China wrote to tell me that the Chinese Government had informed them that they could no longer publish my books. My publishers in China had produced four of my books, all of which had sold very well, but they had been told by the Government that only ‘medical publishing houses’ could in future publish books concerned with health care. Other Chinese publishers who had shown great enthusiasm for publishing my books suddenly changed their minds.’

So, let me repeat the challenge I have made many times.

I challenge Lord Darzi to debate vaccines and vaccination (and the covid-19 jab) with me live on national television. It must be live. I don’t trust any TV company.

The viewing figures would be fantastic – especially now that millions know that the covid-19 jab (which doesn’t do what the Government and the medical establishment said it would do, but does do what I said it would do) is the most dangerous medical intervention ever produced. Everyone responsible for its production and promotion should, and eventually will, be arrested.

I suspect that Darzi won’t dare accept the challenge.

And I fear that even if he wants to, no TV company would risk it.

The BBC has a rule about never allowing anyone to question vaccination.


Because they know that the facts show that vaccination doesn’t work and is dangerous. And they’re frightened that I will make vaccine supporters look like idiots.

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