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Uncensored Enid Blyton Books Kept Under Counter in Public Libraries

Enid Blyton is the latest beloved children’s author to be censored by the wokies – although, the censorship may have been going on for some time. MailOnline has more.

Enid Blyton’s classic novels are beloved globally but some of her works have been rewritten to remove ‘outdated’ language.

And uncensored versions are being placed in “off-limit storage spaces” in libraries to prevent the public from “stumbling upon” the old wording.

Recently edited works are displayed publicly across Devon’s libraries but tales which have not yet been amended are not so easy to access.

If a reader requests an original version of titles like The Famous Five, they will be shown a verbal trigger warning, according to the Telegraph.

The original versions are catalogued online and if a reader chooses to access one, a warning system will remind them of the language used within the older editions.

The changes were revealed in Devon County Council documents.

It was explained that Library Unlimited – which runs the council’s library service – regularly audits books, replacing them with altered versions.

The documents say that where popular titles contain “increasingly outdated” language, libraries purchase new, edited versions.

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