Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 March 2023

The world is being split into two and NATO wants war with Russia

World War III is building up. Neither the USA nor its NATO partners want peace. Their solitary aim is to destroy Russia. The war in Ukraine has very little to do with Ukraine. It is destroying the economies, lives and resources of the US, the UK and the EU and Russia. The solitary winner is China.

While the rest of the world fusses over trivia and minutiae, the third world war continues to spread and to become ever closer to a nuclear war.

  1. Ukraine is losing so many men in its designer, proxy war with Russia that NATO troops are soon going to have to move into Ukraine and take over the war. I repeat: if the USA, the EU and the UK all want the war to continue (which they clearly do) they’re going to have to supplement the failing Ukraine forces. If that doesn’t scare you then you need to fetch your brain from wherever you put it.

  1. A year ago, Ukraine had over 1,000 tanks, a huge number of artillery guns and its own air force. Now Ukraine is reduced to begging the West for more arms and it doesn’t seem to have much of an air force. Most of what they had has gone. Replacing those weapons from the US, the UK and the EU will take years and cost hundreds of billions of dollars (indeed the American budget for arms this year alone is over $1 trillion). And it will mean that there will be no hardware available for wars against China, Iran and North Korea. Ukraine is reported to have only 300 guns left. The problem is that if their small number of guns are used too often, their barrels will need replacing. Ukraine is also running out of shells despite the fact that the US supplied a million artillery shells. Ukraine now wants 250,000 shells a month from the EU. Ukraine is running out of equipment and ammunition because they were in a war that was running for years before Russia became involved. Russia seems to have plenty of machinery and shells.

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