Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 19 March 2023

Accusations of Psychosis for Freedom

New York Teacher undergoes forced exam; accused of being psychotic for her beliefs on medical mandates.

Teachers for Choice Exclusive

Teachers for Choice kindly asks for everyone’s prayers for Noelle Florio. Who knows which one of us will be the next to be labeled with a false diagnosis of “psychosis” for defending Medical Freedom.

A veteran teacher of twenty years, Noelle Florio, was forced to undergo a psychiatric exam (913 NYS Ed Law) and accused of being “psychotic” because she expressed her beliefs that both medical tyranny and the end to sovereignty is embedded in the draconian mandates New York has endured, especially in our schools.  With the help of Dr. Peter Breggin, nationally venerated psychiatrist for over 40 years and integral voice against medical tyranny, she remains ready, willing and able to fight against “all odds” to be made an example of at the hands of the District.

What will it take?

For those on the side of medical freedom and sovereignty to see that having the temerity to express such concern for the evil that exists in our world, or be silenced and resign from teaching for nearly two decades is a burden no educator, or human being should ever have to endure.  Her employer has portrayed her as an imposter of faith and has also minimized the severity of her long standing illness.  Surely, we can be of faith, and have serious medical conditions. It is incomprehensible that the District would allege insincerity, or demand she accept their feigned accommodations.

Those who demand bodily integrity and autonomy should not have to forfeit pensions, healthcare, and tenure. Yet, these choices lie in the heartbeat of all that has been lost and forgotten since the mandates have been lifted. For how long? What happens when the next plague comes to lock us away again? Sincerity and conviction IS the tenet of Noelle’s goodwill and sacrifice and has remains so over these last two years, as she continues to be bereft and without pay. We cannot stand for her employer, nor any employer who likens those who oppose mandates to selfish and calculating frauds.  That they can and have vilified and condemned beliefs they know nothing about is indecent and cruel. The mandates have gone, but the pain and suffering lingers for those who said, “No more.”

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