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Emails in 2020 blow the covid PCR test scam out of the water

In September 2020, Professor Martin Neil received some anonymous emails providing hard evidence that the PCR tests for covid were never accurate or fit for purpose.Some of the [test] sequences are found in the human genome itself,” the emails noted.

Among other things, the smoking gun emails describe that the cycling threshold was always set too high and no RT-PCR screening kit on the market ever received any kind of approval or certification.  But perhaps the biggest smoking gun was the gene sequencing Dr. Christian Drosten used in his blueprint covid testing system that was used around the world.

Drosten, who invented the screening system for covid, never isolated or had access to the virus.  Instead, he downloaded the virus RNA sequence from a Chinese database.  Drosten subsequently created the first commercially available RT-PCR screening kit based on this genome. The Chinese researchers later claimed the isolated virus sample became unusable shortly after uploading the sequence so they destroyed all remains.

In the absence of an isolated virus, how did Drosten obtain the full virus genome to select his primer sequences, and which, or so he claims, were specific to SARS-CoV-2 only?

After a deeper dive into the primer sequences that Drosten used in his blueprint testing system, the anonymous emailer highlighted that as well as primers matching naturally occurring sequences of unknown origin in seawater – some of the primer sequences are found in the human genome itself.

The Smoking Man emails

By Martin Neil

Those of you familiar with the cult 90s TV series the X-files will recall the role of the smoking man, who like “deep throat” in the Watergate scandal, would reveal snippets of the truth to Mulder and Scully at critical points in their shared adventures.

Back in 2020, I had my very own smoking man. He was anonymous but I called him “The Cleric.” We started conversing by email around September 2020, after I published some articles on Toby Young’s Lockdown Sceptics website.

He sent me some long emails about the origins story of the so-called pandemic with a special focus on the virus and PCR testing. Much of it I couldn’t understand at the time, and some of it I will admit I still struggle with even today because, as you all know neither Norman nor I are “wetware” scientists – we do software and statistics not human biology or virology or pharmacology or whatever. Given this, we try to be careful not to make fools of ourselves and stay in our lanes.

For all I knew The Cleric might have sent these emails off to many of the movers and shakers in our “movement.” I have no idea. But I didn’t really know what to do with his information. Obviously, I shared it in the small circle of sceptics who were coalescing around seeking answers to open questions about the virus and PCR testing at the time: Mike Yeadon, Clare Craig, Scott McLachlan and a few others. However, I didn’t get much traction, and with hindsight this was probably because we were all grappling together in the dark to some extent, looking for the same key, but each searching in different directions. Plus, given I’m a biological dunce, I probably wasn’t too persuasive.

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