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The Cult of Hollywood and Ptah Award

Night at the Oscars: a look into the Egyptian Origin of the Oscar Award

As with many aspects of Hollywood, the origin and significance of the Oscar statue is shrouded in occult symbology and meaning. Why is this important? Are the oscars more than just a annual even in which people are honored for their work in the film industry? As we shall see, the answer is yes.

The design of the Oscar statue dates back to ancient Egypt and the god Ptah. This god originated in the first dynasty of Egypt in the capital Memphis. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, ancient Egyptians worshiped Ptah as the creator god and a patron of craftsman. The worship of Ptah was observed in Ancient Greece under the god Hephaestus who they worshiped as the God of fire; the patron god of blacksmithing. In Rome, was worshiped as the god Vulcan; the god of fire.

As the Egyptian god of creation, he is often depicted (as seen it he image above) holding the “was” septor; itself a Phalix symbol representing fertility. The septor along with the orb (representing the earth) are both symbols associated with a god’s dominion over the world.

Ancient cultures used these symbols (as seen below in the statue of Jupiter) as well as with monarchies in Europe (image below is of Queen Elizabeth II.

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