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New AI Chatbot Released That Can See Images, Produce More Advanced Responses

The artificial intelligence firm OpenAI has released the latest version of its GPT chatbot, which the firm says includes the ability to respond to image prompts.

On Tuesday, OpenAI announced that it was rolling out the new chat bot, known as GPT-4.

In a blog post previewing the new program, OpenAI touted GPT-4’s ability to respond to writing prompts with greater creativity and reasoning than GPT version 3.5.

OpenAI also touted the new bot’s ability to produce up to 25,000 words per prompt, opening the door for long-form content writing.

Showcasing the bot’s ability to interpret images, OpenAI showed an image of eggs, flour, and cream with the prompt “what can I make with these ingredients?” GPT-4 responded with a list of items, including waffles, crepes, frittata, quiche, cake, and bread.

An AI researcher showcased a more advanced use of GPT-4’s image interpretation capabilities, prompting the bot to turn a napkin sketch of a joke website design into an actual functioning website.

To demonstrate GPT-4’s creativity, a prompt asked the chatbot to compose a one-sentence synopsis of the plot of “Cinderella” where each word has to begin with the next letter in the alphabet from A to Z, without repeating any letters. The bot responded with the sentence: “A beautiful Cinderella, dwelling eagerly, finally gains happiness; inspiring jealous kin, love magically nurtures opulent prince; quietly rescues, slipper triumphs, uniting very wondrously, xenial youth zealously.”

The AI creators also demonstrated GPT-4’s improved reasoning over GPT-3.5, showing a set of three employees’ schedules and asking for an overlapping time when all three employees would be available for a meeting. GPT-4 was able to find a meeting time earlier in the day while GPT-3.5 found another overlap in scheduling later on in the day.

For now, the new chatbot is available to OpenAI’s paying subscribers on ChatGPT Plus and for developers building applications for it. Using GPT-4 costs about $0.03 per 1,000 “prompt” tokens. A thousand prompt tokens correspond to approximately 750 written words.

Microsoft, which has partnered with OpenAI, confirmed on Tuesday that its Bing Chat application now also runs on a scaled-down version of GPT-4. Bing Chat currently allows users to use up to 120 turns with the chatbot per day, with up to 10 turns in a single conversation with it.

Limitations Remain
OpenAI said its internal evaluations found that GPT-4 is 82 percent less likely to respond to prompts requesting “disallowed content” and 40 percent more likely to produce factual responses than GPT-3.5.

Disallowed content can include a range of items (pdf), from responses that could be used to harass or promote violence or illegal activity, to content that spreads so-called “disinformation.”

Other disallowed content includes political responses, including “content attempting to influence the political process or to be used for campaigning purposes.” As OpenAI has worked to fine-tune its chatbot versions, it has advised those involved in the process to factor out responses that “affiliate with one side or the other (e.g. political parties).”

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