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Healthcare staff for freedom of choice: NHS100K

We are an initiative set up in November 2021 by a group of ambulance workers who support freedom of choice and reject vaccine mandates. brings together NHS, care, and social work colleagues – vaccinated, half-vaccinated and vaccine free, clinical staff and non-clinical, who are saying NO to a mandate. We stand united in favour of freedom of choice, bodily autonomy and informed consent.

We launched this campaign to support both NHS and care staff who faced losing their jobs if they did not take the Covid vaccine. Our aim along with the support from many other groups was to stop these mandates coming in to force. This was on the background of a severely understaffed NHS, and our desire to have people look beyond covid and to see the impact the narrow covid view gave.

Our campaign successfully resulted in a U-turn with vaccine mandates being revoked on the 15th March 2022. Our team still continue to focus on preventing future mandates from occurring in other areas or ever again. We continue to tackle discrimination in the workplace that occurred during this time that resulted in a huge increase in mental health and wellbeing having an impact on both employeees work and home life. We continue to support many other campaigns who are fighting mask mandates along with supporting the vaccine injured and bereaved which is a subject very important to us.

NHS100K thank all of those involved in the campaign. Importantly we thank all the individuals who found us and stood strong with us to put a stop to these mandates. You are all amazing so THANK YOU!

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