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‘We’re completely different people’: Covid jab victims in fight for justice

EXCLUSIVE: The Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme is designed to provide a one-off, tax-free payment of £120,000 for families and individuals left bereaved due to a vaccination.

Campaigners have blasted the Government compensation scheme for vaccinedamage as “unfit for ­purpose” and want it reformed. It comes as hundreds of Britons who say the Covid-19 jab caused them to suffer serious side effects have been rejected for a payout. Campaigners believe the 44-year-old Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (VDPS) is failing applicants.

It is designed to provide a one-off, tax-free ­payment of £120,000 for ­families and individuals left bereaved – or at least 60 percent disabled – due to a vaccination.

But individuals and families who say they have been adversely affected by a coronavirus jab have told the Daily Express the 60 percent disability threshold is too high and is stopping their claims for damages.

Their fight is backed by ­politicians including Tory MP Danny Kruger.

The scheme has also been hit by a backlog in the wake of the pandemic.

Campaigners say there have at times been as few as “eight” medical ­assessors overseeing the process, managing nearly 4,000 Covid vaccination injury applications. They are backed by the Express Justice for Jab Victims.

Freedom of Information figures show just 878 cases – only one in four – had been assessed as of February 8.And only 44 claims totalling more than £5million have been paid so far.

Mobile home business owner Mark Kerry, 50, suffered a c­ardiac arrest and brain haemorrhage two weeks after his first AstraZeneca jab in March 2021.

He had developed ­vaccine-induced Thrombotic Thrombo­­cytopenia (VITT), a rare condition combining clotting and low blood platelets.

Surgeons saved his life by performing a thrombectomy to remove a blood clot. But the grandfather of two now suffers “constant” headaches and fatigue and takes medication to prevent further seizures.

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