Posted by Jaymie Icke Posted on 15 March 2023

Albion: Heart of the World | Highlight Reel | STREAMING NOW ON ICKONIC

‘I’ve wanted to make these films for 30 years and thanks to Ickonic here they are.’ ~David Icke.

What are the forces that closed down ALBION: HEART OF THE WORLD? What lies beyond the scene that impacts our daily lives? Who are the INTER-DIMENSIONAL INFLUENCERS of human society? What is the significance of ALBION, the ancient name for the British isles? What are LEY LINES AND STONE CIRCLES really? How can they be AWAKENED by HUMAN CONTACT? Why have these beautiful islands you can hardly see on the globe had such an impact on world events? In this documentary series, David Icke answers these questions as he travels through a magical ALBION.

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