Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 14 March 2023

Oscar-Winning ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Director Defends Drag Queens and Drag Children: ‘A Threat to Nobody’

In the evening’s most explicitly political moment, Everything Everywhere All at Once co-director Daniel Scheinert defended drag queens and drag children while accepting his Oscar for best director Sunday at the 95th annual Academy Awards.

A clearly excited Daniel Scheinert thanked his parents during his speech: “Thank for you not squashing my creativity when I was making really disturbing horror films, or really perverted comedy films, or dressing as drag as a kid, which is a threat to nobody!”

Scheinert’s remark elicited enthusiastic applause from the celebrity audience at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.


Scheinert appeared to allude to the controversy surrounding drag shows for children, with states including Tennessee passing laws prohibiting the often raunchy and sexually explicit performances in front of minors.

As a result, Hollywood stars are rallying behind drag shows for children, with celebrities including RuPaul, Whoopi Goldberg, Gabrielle Union, the rock group B-52s, and Melissa McCarthy showing their support.

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