Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 7 March 2023

Why has David Icke never appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience? (Because Rogan hasn’t got the balls)

The Joe Rogan Experience is the most listened-to podcast in the world, thanks to a long list of diverse, thought-provoking, and sometimes controversial guests.

Rogan has positioned himself as an advocate for free speech while shying away from identity politics; he discusses everything from DMT to UFOs. Since 2009, he’s been remarkably effective at steering the masses away from the mainstream media into a new frontier where listeners can consider various perspectives on current events. There’s no doubt that Joe Rogan is a trailblazer.

He single-handily instituted the podcast craze of our generation, which has evolved into a world of its own, especially amongst those seeking facts in an upside-down world.

The mainstream attempts to smear Rogan repeatedly, but they consistently fail because he’s perfected the art of playing devil’s advocate and often does not fully commit himself to one side of anything. This approach is his superpower in gaining popularity but also his greatest weakness as a truly influential leader. We live in a time when genuine leaders must challenge the narrative and push through limitations as much as possible.


Recently, I listened to an episode of the JRE with Russell Brand, and Alex Jones and David Icke came up briefly in conversation. Rogan mentioned he deems Icke’s 5G and reptilian theories ridiculous and that Alex is the more reliable source of information between the two. It got me thinking, “am I the only one who thinks it’s bizarre that Rogan has had Alex Jones on multiple times, a man with which he often differs in beliefs, but not David Icke?” It raises some serious questions for someone who brings on an array of edgy guests and supposedly stands for free speech.

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