Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 6 March 2023

Prince Harry’s Deeply Private Therapy Session (That You Can Watch for £17) – ridiculous

Prince Harry has been doing some very personal inner work that everyone can watch on the internet for £17.

The price also includes his deeply private tell-all autobiography, Spare. He has chosen to do this with Gabor Maté, a far-left trauma expert who makes Jeremy Corbyn look like a moderate. The Spectator believes it is a match made in heaven:

In the eighteenth century, the well-to-do and prurient enjoyed visiting London’s most notorious hospital, Bedlam, to gaze at its patients. Today, we have replaced this unwholesome activity with a live-streamed therapy session between Prince Harry and the so-called ‘trauma expert’ Gabor Maté, the Canadian author of The Myth of Normal. Maté is both an acknowledged expert in the field of mental health and someone whose personal politics have led to many a raised eyebrow.

He has compared Hamas to “my heroes, the poorly armed fighters of the Warsaw ghetto”, and praised those well-known lifelong anti-racists Jeremy Corbyn and Roger Waters. Additionally, he’s declared that ‘I am arrogant. I like attention.’ Does this make him the perfect sounding board – or sparring partner – for the Duke of Sussex?

During the course of Harry and Maté’s conversation (tickets, £20 each), which predictably started late but, as if in recompense, lasted a punitive half-hour longer than billed, there was discussion of many of the themes from Spare.

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