Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 6 March 2023

Powerful Report: Bill Gates’ Next Big Pandemic To Target Children

A powerful report put out by The People’s Voice breaks down the latest pandemic simulation by Bill Gates that specifically targets children.

The simulation, called Catastrophic Contagion, was a roundtable exercise in October 2022 organized by the World Health Organization and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that simulated the release of a deadly “Enterovirus” that specifically targets children.

From The People’s Voice:

Bill Gates targets innocent children in his new Catastrophic Contagion exercise where 15 million children are killed worldwide by a respiratory virus. Meanwhile hundreds of children are now dying suddenly around the world due to the lethal Covid vaccines that Bill Gates forced on the entire population including children who never needed it.

Will this be a massive coverup for the millions of children and young people who have already received the toxic Covid vaccines? Or will this be another lab-created virus released on the world that targets specifically children and young people?

The evidence, data, documents and testimony clearly demonstrate without a doubt that the Covid-19 Pandemic was a planned global fraud on the entire world. A Two year investigation proves Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and others are using pandemics, wars and chaos to fulfill their agenda of depopulation and total world control.

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