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How to turn a book into an audiobook

By reading books, a person can receive knowledge conveyed by various approaches (or rather emotions). It’s like someone (the author of the book) trying to talk to them. Unfortunately, sometimes reading can be tiring, especially if one is in a hectic daily routine and unfavorable environmental situations, such as exhausting bad lighting. It takes a new approach (in these situations) to “read the book” without experiencing unpleasant things. For example “reading by listening” relies on audio content.

Audio content, such as podcasts, and audiobooks, is gaining popularity. Not only in terms of quality but also in terms of flexibility which allows listeners to still enjoy content without having to look at the screen (screenless) or while doing many activities at once (multitasking). Meanwhile, according to a consumer behavior survey conducted by the Audio Publishers Association (APA), around 60% of listeners consume audiobooks while relaxing at home. It has been reported by other similar surveys that in recent years there has been a significant increase among active book readers turning to audiobooks. This is also supported by the fact that there are quite a number of audiobook applications available on the Play Store and App Store.

But where can we get audiobooks? Is it just buying them?

You can, of course, buy any audiobooks you want to read but still, the number will be limited. Why don’t you create your audiobook from your favorite books? Basically what you need is scanner technology. By scanning, you can transfer the contents of a book into an audio format that you can enjoy just like when you listen to your favorite songs. However, you can’t just scan it carelessly because you have to comply with the copyright. Luckily the majority of books on the market can be scanned as long as you don’t do it for commercial purposes. So use scanner technology appropriately and properly.

Now, what tool should you use?

There are many scanners you can use, but not all of them are completely reliable. Most only offer non-essential features. We have “researched” several scanning tools and found that CZUR ET24 Pro is the best. This is a tool that is widely used by famous audiobook creators around the world.

But why CZUR ET24 Pro?

This is not some kind of conventional scanner. CZUR ET24 Pro can even be categorized as the fastest scanner in its class. Equipped with auto-page-turning detection features, scanning can be done much faster than before. We haven’t mentioned the hand buttons and foot pedals which allow hands-free operation. The minimalist design allows the scanning device to be placed in a practical workspace.

Here are the specifications of this great scanner:

– 24MP and 320DPI.

– Scan speed for a single page is up to 1 second per page.

– Scan speed for books up to 1 second (for double pages).

– Scanner weight is 1.5 kg.

– Resolution: 5696A*4272

If we pay attention, 320 DPI is a fairly high value in the portable scanner class, and the higher the DPI value, the better the scan results. There is a significant increase compared to the previous version of the CZUR scanner (the “only” ET18 Pro has 18 MP and a 275 DPI sensor).

Advanced AI technology

The CZUR ET24 Pro scanner is powered by AI technology which enables super fast and precise scanning. A standard-size book of 300 pages can be scanned in less than 10 minutes. This is thanks to the revolutionary AI-based Curve-Flatten technology which recognizes uneven pages and aligns them automatically, ensuring scans align with previous and subsequent scans.

Scan Results

Once you get the scan results, you can convert them to editable files thanks to the CZUR ET24 Pro’s OCR technology. The limitations that you may have experienced while converting scans will be removed significantly with this tool. To make an audiobook, you need to start from a TXT text file which is also supported by CZUR ET24 Pro.

After we get the scanned TXT text formatted file, we will use a voice reader program. There are many of them but for more practical use, we suggest you use the Evie Alfred Faltiska book reader program. 

After downloading and installing the book reader program from Google Play Store, you can immediately run it. Evie is a program that uses Text to Speech (TTS) technology, in other words, it can convert written text into audio. The program is also integrated with Amazon Polly’s advanced cloud service. It is a deep learning-based cloud service that synthesizes speech so that it sounds like a real human voice.

The advantage of Evie over most similar programs is that it can read aloud while the screen is off. No need to keep your phone screen on all the time. Playback by Evie can also be controlled via cable or Bluetooth. In short, Evie allows the narration of your scans to be heard even when you are relaxing or doing other work. Reading can now be as easy as listening to a song!


Creating your audiobook is a smart way to read books without interrupting your daily activities. CZUR ET24 Pro makes it easy for you to scan your favorite books and then listen to them using the Evie book reader program. In the end, “listening to books” is an alternative to reading books as comfortably as possible.

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