Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 5 March 2023

It is NOT Agenda 2030 – It is Agenda 2023

We know that the globalist intelligence services have partnered with big tech to build us a digital prison to enforce social credit score-controlled Central Bank Digital Currencies.

We know that they seek to control our genetics through genetic vaccination, our money through CBDCs and our carbon footprint through social credit scores and our movement through 15 minute cities.

The plan according to Bill Gates is that those who are non-compliant will be ‘excluded’.

You will be left to live your life with no means of paying any bills or buying or selling anything for money. They will steal every penny you have ever earned if you fail to comply.

Those who do comply will be forced to collaborate with this new segregation and exclusion as globalist slaves. Those who refuse will be inmates in a concentration camp with no facilities at all, managed by those who comply and collaborate..

This will be a worldwide rerun of the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, from which the globalists have learned absolutely nothing. Indeed several key elements of the holocaust are already in place. The Digital Prison Project is well advanced as Fat Emperor points out on Twitter.

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