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Barbara Malthusian Hubbard: From Limits to Growth to UN Agenda 2030

For decades, New Age guru Barbara Marx Hubbard preached a futurist gospel of “conscious evolution” guided by “love and light.” Yet, at the same time, in stark contrast, Hubbard also touted Malthusian population control. If Hubbard called for the human population to be culled, then how could she have genuinely floated her dreams of conscious evolution sincerely upon the “self-actualization” mantras of the Human Potential Movement or the “co-creation” ethos of her New Age homilies?

While Hubbard’s advocacy for population control contradicts the benevolent rhetoric of her New Age spiritualism, her Malthusianism cohesively aligns with her championing of transhumanism. As I historicized in a previous article entitled Barbara Marx Hubbard: Godmother of Transhumanism and Synthetic Spirituality, transhumanism was conceptualized by Julian Huxley as the second phase of eugenics, which would artificially enhance Darwinian evolution by merging human biology with machines. In fact, according to Darwin’s autobiography, his theory of evolution by natural selection, which inspired his cousin Francis Galton to develop the pseudo-science of eugenics, was conceived as the biological consequence of growing populations competing for limited resources in a Malthusian ecology:

“I [Darwin] happened to read for amusement ‘Malthus on Population,’ and being well prepared to appreciate the struggle for existence which everywhere goes on from long continued observation of the habits of animals and plants, it at once struck me that under these circumstances favourable variations would tend to be preserved, and unfavourable ones to be destroyed.  The result of this would be the formation of new species. Here then I had at last got a theory by which to work.”

In brief, Malthusianism is the bedrock of Darwinism, which is the foundation of eugenics, which is the cornerstone of transhumanism. Put another way, transhumanism encompasses both the Malthusian-sustainable control of population quantity and the Darwinian-eugenic control of population quality by means of technocracy.

Thomas Malthus, Charles Darwin, Francis Galton, and Julian Huxley.
In my first installment in this series, I documented how Hubbard, bankrolled by Rockefeller “philanthropy,” teamed up with Abraham Maslow’s Eupsychian Network, including the Esalen Institute, to push trans-eugenic evolution through partnerships with the HeartMath Institute, which propagates transhumanist neurofeedback wearables that are programmed to induce synthetic spiritual bliss. In this current installment, I will explain how Hubbard’s vision for “conscious” transhuman evolution is inseparable from her Malthusian outlook on human population growth and sustainable ecology. More specifically, I will expose how:

  1. Hubbard championed Malthusian population control policies advanced by the environmentalist forecasts of the Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth and the sustainable development initiatives of United Nations (UN) Agenda 2030.
  2. Hubbard collaborated with World Economic Forum (WEF) globalist, Maurice Strong, who spearheaded UN Agenda 21’s sustainable development program, and Club of Rome member Mikhail Gorbachev, who co-created the Earth Charter “sustainable development” initiative in partnership with Strong.

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