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What is the Role of a Fire Watch Guard in a Commercial Building?

The role of a fire watch guard in a commercial building is to monitor for potential hazards, such as fires or sparks. They keep a log of their observations and report them to their supervisor.

They also make sure that all exits and fire extinguishers are working and checked regularly. They carry a portable horn, flashlight, writing materials, and a full all-access set of keys to the premises at all times.

Detecting Fires

Fires are a major cause of destruction and loss in commercial buildings. Hence, businesses should be equipped with an efficient fire alarm system to avoid damages and losses.

Besides detecting fires, these systems also detect hazards in the environment and help you get out of the building safely. These systems work in conjunction with water sprinklers and other fire suppression systems to minimize damage and keep your premises safe.

There are many types of fire detection equipment in use, and each one works differently. For example, some systems send information directly to a monitoring center.

Conventional fire alarm control panels divide buildings into zones, each of which is hard-wired into the panel. When a device in any zone gets triggered, it alerts the main control panel.

Addressable fire alarm control panels, on the other hand, collect data from all the devices in a building and can pinpoint which device got triggered. This helps NYC fire watch guards know where the fire is located faster and ensures they respond quickly.

Detecting Hazards

Whether it’s a new construction project or a remodeled building, a professional fire watch guard will patrol the property and make sure all potential hazards have been identified and mitigated. This is an invaluable safety precaution that can protect the life of everyone in a commercial building from fire damage and destruction.

Every workplace has its unique hazards. These can include biological, chemical, ergonomic, physical, and psychological factors.

A hazard is any material, process, practice, or situation that can result in harm to people or property. It can also include the environment and natural disasters.

Typically, a fire watch guard will be hired by the fire marshal or other government agencies for a job site that presents an additional risk of a fire due to the work being done on the property. These jobs might include soldering, welding, or other hot work that could start a fire.

Evacuating the Building

When a fire occurs in a commercial building, the occupants must evacuate quickly. The longer the occupants take to leave, the more likely it is that they will die.

While evacuating the building, the occupants must make sure that their belongings are within reach. This is especially important for occupants who have mobility issues, as they may not be able to get down the stairs on their own.

In addition, the occupants must keep a safe distance from the building. This distance can vary based on the height of the building and the emergency, but generally, 30 feet is a safe place to be.

If you are an occupant of a high-rise building, it is important to have an evacuation plan in place. The plan must include two exit routes that are free from obstructions to allow for quick and easy evacuation. It also must be updated as necessary.

Maintaining the Building

Property maintenance is an important part of running a commercial building. It not only keeps your tenants happy, but it also helps you maintain the value of your property.

There are different ways to do this, but the best way is to have a team of professionals takes care of the job. These experts will know exactly what needs to be done and how often.

They will be able to save you money, time, and energy by performing routine maintenance on the building as needed. This will keep it in good working order and make it easier for you to rent out the space when it’s ready to be leased.

They can also help you stay on top of all the maintenance that needs to be done and keep your tenants happy, which will lead to better rental rates in the long run. This is why it’s important to include maintenance provisions in any lease you sign.

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