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Romanian Prime Minister Using AI To Advise Cabinet

The Prime Minister of Romania revealed he’s using artificial intelligence to advise his administration in what may be the first example of a nation’s government using AI to shape policies.

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca introduced this week an AI bot named Ion who has a “deep voice” and will now be advising his political colleagues.

The bot is physically seen on a “mirror-like” screen that displays text and communicates using a pixelated robot face.

Watch the video below where Ciuca talked with the computer during a Wednesday press conference:

Discussing the new technology, Prime Minister Ciuca said, “Ion will do, through artificial intelligence, what no human can: listen to all Romanians and represent them before the government of Romania.”

As far as its use, Romanian politicians say the AI bot will play a role in formulating policies and even proposing original ideas.

The high-powered machine scans social media networks to collect information on how Romanians truly feel about certain laws and social issues.

Romania’s Minister of Research Sebastian Burduja told the Washington Post, “Romanians can actually make their voices heard every day, and through artificial intelligence that voice can reach decision-makers in the best possible forum. It can inform better decisions … that are more appropriate for the needs of average Romanians.”

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