Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 2 March 2023

The Madness Never Ends

  1. Medical treatment in the UK is made available according to committees of social workers whose priorities are different to the priorities most of us would favour. So, for example, all other things being equal an unemployed illegal immigrant from Neptune with twelve children and bomb making skills would receive precedence over Shakespeare, Dickens or Milton.
  2. The globalist conspirators want to put particles into the stratosphere in order to conquer non-existent global warming by partly blocking out the sun. Is the real reason for this dangerous nonsense to shorten the growing season and lead to mass starvation, and billions of deaths, around the world? (When you read or hear about something strange, always ask yourself how the homicidal conspirators will benefit.)
  3. Throwing out old paperwork I found a contract I was given when I wrote a column for The People newspaper. The paper had been owned by Robert Maxwell and my contract contained two clauses which had been put into all contracts by Robert Maxwell. The first told me that I would not be entitled to a pension. The second warned me that when I joined the paper I would be expected to uphold the moral and ethical standards of Robert Maxwell. When I pointed out that the second clause would be quite a challenge it was removed. Pity really, I should have left it in.
  4. I fear that anyone who is still allowed to put videos on YouTube and who isn’t labelled a ‘discredited conspiracy theorist’ on Google is probably controlled opposition. Anyone who works anonymously is probably controlled opposition. Anyone who has active links to drug companies is probably controlled opposition. Anyone who supports general vaccination programmes is probably controlled opposition. Anyone who hasn’t been regularly and repeatedly banned by Twitter and Facebook is probably controlled opposition. It isn’t true by the way that you can keep a YouTube account by being careful, clever or crafty. YouTube, which is oppressive, evil and thoroughly discredited, is for conspirators and collaborators. Every time you use YouTube you are helping the enemy.

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