Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 1 March 2023

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The US Secretary of State said that big countries shouldn’t bully other countries. Someone should tell him that since the end of the Cold War, the US has taken part in 251 military operations outside the US. American politicians who over-filled with a sense of moral outrage (and assumed authority) at what happens far away should remember that American intervention in Iraq resulted in 1.4 million deaths and intervention in Afghanistan resulted in 37 million people being displaced from their homes. And then there was Vietnam.
Overuse of the word ‘discredited’ to describe journalists who tell the truth but who upset the CIA and other government agencies is likely to push those who are unfairly labelled ‘discredited’ into being even more determined to share essential truths because they have nothing to lose.
The Financial Times in London reports that the fake pandemic cost British taxpayers £376 billion. Actually, the so-called pandemic cost a tiny fraction of that. At least £375 billion of the £376 billion was a result of authoritarian and unjustifiable policies.
The BBC recently became upset after their offices in India were visited by the police. Mainstream journalists were outraged and there was much talk about freedom of speech being threatened. None of the articles I saw mentioned the fact that the BBC (which has financial links to Bill Gates, the vaccine enthusiast) steadfastly refuses to allow anyone criticising vaccines onto their airwaves. The name ‘BBC’ and `freedom of speech’ do not fit comfortably into the same sentence. The BBC’s enthusiasm about the climate change fraud appears similarly one-sided.
Knowing that Zelensky, the Ukrainian puppet, used to play the piano with his penis on television made me wonder if other leaders have similar skills. Is this something Boris Johnson has mastered, for example? Can Joe Biden pick up golf balls with his anal sphincter and fire them 50 feet into the air? Can Spare Harry construct a whole sentence without mentioning himself? Finally, will Zelensky be invited to perform his party trick at Charles’s coronation? I do hope so.
A celebrity has apparently expressed an ambition to be a fisherthem. I thought it was a joke but I fear it was not. I don’t have the energy to despair so I shall limit myself to feeling perturbed.
In the UK, someone disappears every 90 seconds. In case you are wondering why the mainstream media in the UK devoted most of its energies during the last few weeks to the disappearance of just one individual, consider this: during that period little or no coverage was given to the fact that the US blew up the Nord Stream pipeline (thereby causing a massive increase in energy prices in Europe). Oh, and as the excellent and valuable Expose website pointed out, the mainstream media also forgot to mention that in 2022, mortality rates were lowest among those who rejected the covid jabs. And the UK Government’s own figures show that 92% of covid deaths were among the triple jabbed. Crumbs. The surprises just keep coming.
The British individuals who are sanctimoniously taking Ukraine citizens into their homes are given up to £500 a month of local taxpayers’ money. This seems likely to rise to £700 each. And councils receive £10,500 of taxpayers’ money for every Ukrainian citizen in their area. As far as I can find out there is no such arrangement for the citizens of Yemen. This isn’t philanthropy or aid; it’s politics and part of the designer war. It also looks like racism. And why a bankrupt country which is failing in every respect is doling out so much money is a mystery.
Modern motor cars are fitted with all sorts of chips which enable the authorities to see where you travel. Those clever devices which tell the breakdown services where you are will give the same information to GCHQ, etc. And how long before the authorities will be able to turn off all car engines if and when they want to? Probably wise not to buy a new car.
If President Donald Trump is sent to prison will his secret service protection detail go with him?
Sunak’s deal with the EU over Northern Ireland is the first move towards taking Britain back into the EU. And the conspirators won’t make the mistake of allowing the British people a chance to vote against the move. The wicked, fascist Remainers were never going to let the voters mess things up. Read my book `The shocking history of the EU’ if you want to know the truth about how the EU was created. It really will shock you.

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