Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 1 March 2023

ESG – A Potent Force for Evil

ESG – stands for environmental, social and governance but really means doing everything possible to combat non-existent climate change.

Using the global warming fraud as an excuse, ESG was invented by globalist conspirators to destroy companies, jobs, pensions, savings and ultimately everything of value.

And once you realise that was the aim you have to admit that ESG is working very well.

Politicians, green liberal lefty commies and financial commentators everywhere, especially those in the media, are all devoted to the principles of ESG. They live for it. They dream of it at night. They encourage, and bully, companies to make decisions which will almost certainly cost everyone real money and yet do absolutely nothing whatsoever to make the world a better place.

What the ESG enthusiasts probably don’t realise, and wouldn’t care much if they did, is that real people, investors and electors included, don’t give a fig about ESG. They know that climate change is a fraud and they know that no one – especially those nutty groups who go around glueing themselves to policemen – really give a damn about the environment. They cheer the introduction of beavers but if they knew anything about nature they’d know that beavers make dams which flood farmland making it only suitable for the building of homes which will flood every time there is a shower.

ESG was invented and is promoted by a small group of billionaire conspirators whose aim is to destroy your life and to make themselves ever richer.

The aim is to promote the policies of radical left wing liberals who want to destroy the world and bring in the Great Reset. They believe in wealth equalisation, which means that they want what you’ve got, but they don’t believe in private investors, freedom of speech or biological gender. They believe that the middle classes must be destroyed, that capitalism is bad and that the world would be a much better place if they had all the money and you and I simply shut up and did what we were told. They are science deniers who believe in woke governance and they constantly introduce new laws to push their absurd political agendas. They love the EU, which is every fascist’s dream and every freedom lover’s nightmare, they love diversity and sustainability and will make you crawl through broken glass if they can have more of both.

They’ll vote for a nuclear war if they think it will bring them what they want. (They are too stupid to realise that in a nuclear war there will be no winners and anyone left alive will wish they were dead.) What the self-righteous, self- deluded radical left wing liberals don’t realise is that they are working on behalf of their sponsors – the billionaire conspirators who just know that the world will be a much better place if THEY have all the money and you and I and the radical left wing liberals who want to destroy the world just shut up and did what we were all told.

The gofers behind ESG are people like Schwab, Blair, king Charles, Soros, Musk and Gates. But the string pullers are Fink of Black Rock, Bloomberg of Bloomberg, Paulson, Solomon of Goldman Sachs, the evil bank which appears to be the bastard child of unholy alliance between Shylcock and Fagin and Rothschild of, well, Rothschild.

That is what ESG is all about.

The corrupt conspirators and the corrupted and compliant collaborators will do everything they can to win their war without us. They aren’t interested in consensus politics. They are totally committed to control and power and to ending the game with all the money. They have deliberately, meticulously destroyed every tradition we have. They know that our culture is built on our history, and they are determined to remove everything of which we are proud.

But there is a scrap of good news.

In America, investors are turning their back on ESG investment funds.

In 2020 and 2021, US investors put loads of money into ESG funds.

But in 2022, the amount money invested in ESG funds fell by 96%.

With luck the ESG nonsense could soon be over. And not a minute too soon.

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