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Host Woody Harrelson likens Pfizer and Moderna to DRUG CARTELS during opening monologue while slamming mandates

Actor Woody Harrelson took a jab at COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccines during his opening monologue on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, only to have Elon Musk jump in Twitter and suggest he was correct.

In his monologue, Harrelson, 61, likened pharmaceutical companies to drug cartels, and quipped that they hatched a plot wherein they bought up media and politicians then forced the world to stay at home unless everybody took their drugs.

The monologue was met with mixed reactions, with some saying it fell flat, others finding it humorous, while some decried Harrelson’s words as anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.

Debates over the monologue ramped up when billionaire Elon Musk, 51, joined the fray on Twitter and praised Harrelson for taking a ‘based’ stance, called the media ‘propaganda,’ and suggested the actor was spot on.

Saturday night was Harrelson’s fifth time hosting SNL. He last appeared on the show in November, 2019, months before the pandemic broke out.

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