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Schwab’s remark “who masters technologies will be the master of the world” is not an empty threat

A couple of weeks ago at the World Government Summit, Klaus Schwab stated that whoever masters artificial intelligence and synthetic biology, among other technologies, “will be master of the world.”

With synthetic biology, designing completely new enzymes or the manufacture of entirely new organs from scratch that never existed in nature before is alarmingly close to being a reality rather than science fiction.

Biotech and information technology have been completely intertwined for decades.  And the whole idea behind mRNA “vaccines” is to digitise vaccines by reducing them to synthetic gene sequences and using human cells as bioreactors to make the actual protein.  People still think this is just about a virus or a vaccine, it’s not. There’s much more at stake.

A science paper published in 2020 described how nanoparticles on a lipid chip function as computer hardware, and DNA strands are used as the software to provide molecular instructions. This enables a group of nanoparticles to form a neural network that provides a programmable, resettable, scalable computing architecture and circuit board – within the bodies of humans or animals.

Being “master of the world” is not an empty threat.  When Klaus Schwab says that those who master these technologies will master the world, if anything, he is underselling it. With these technologies, you could re-engineer an entire species – including humans – into something completely different.

Private-Public Partnerships for Mad Science – The Ongoing Plot to Reengineer Humanity

By Spartacus

Klaus Schwab said something recently that got people’s hackles up:

“Artificial Intelligence, but not only artificial intelligence, but also, the metaverse, near-space technologies, and I could go on and on – synthetic biology. Our life in ten years from now, will be completely different, very much affected, and – who masters those technologies, in some way, will be the master of the world.”

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