Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 26 February 2023

Passing Observations 144

  1. If you watched the second series of Jeremy Clarkson’s farming programme you will have probably noticed that Master Clarkson appeared to be surprised, frustrated and bewildered by the local council’s apparent unwillingness to help him and other local farmers. How naïve can you get? I suspect that poor Jeremy is too woke to understand that no councils and no governments want farms.
  2. I strongly suspect that Wikipedia (the fake, discredited and corrupt encyclopaedia) is being partly edited by bots who, like many of the ‘real’ editors have no relevant qualifications and are promoting specific pieces of propaganda designed to promote the interests of the conspirators and their friends in the contemptible worlds of arms, pharmaceuticals and banking.
  3. Wind power, solar power, biofuels and hydrogen are all no more than silly toys designed to entertain the simple minded who have been indoctrinated into believing that climate change is real. There are only five serious sources of energy: oil, gas, coal, nuclear power and hydroelectric.
  4. I wonder how many of the people who cheered and clapped the covid woman at Wimbledon will still cheer and clap if she is at Wimbledon this summer? And how many will boo and shout ‘shame’?
  5. The UK’s next government is almost certain to be a mixture of Labour, Liberal and Green politicians. The fanatical greens are extremist, dangerous and far more powerful than their number of members suggests. The Greens seem to be particularly popular in Brighton and I wonder if someone has been putting something funny in the water there.
  6. NATO, which is campaigning to be supplied with more arms, has admitted that the war in Ukraine started in 2014 and not 2022 when Russia officially invaded.
  7. We had some balloons left over from Christmas. I’ve put them into a cupboard to stop the American air force from shooting them down.
  8. If you aren’t terrified enough by what is going on in the world, take a look at the website for the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. The Blair Institute advises governments around the world. This is what they say: ‘We advise political leaders worldwide on strategy, policy and delivery and we see technology as the key enabler across all three.’

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