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How Covid Paves the Way for Full Climate Emergency Restrictions

Early this week, America celebrated National Margarita Day, a joyous occasion marked by a headline in CNN that ran, ‘Why the climate crisis might be coming for your Margarita.’ Of course, this intelligence-insulting story was some made-up scare about the weather affecting ingredients that went into tequila. Welcome to the Heartland climate conference in Orlando, where debunking this kind of nonsense is the order of the day. Introducing the conference, Heartland president James Taylor noted that since 1995, tequila production had increased six-fold, and since 2018 it had doubled.

James Taylor had earlier set the tone for the conference in ‘freedom-loving’ Florida by noting that climate extremists sought a costly and catastrophic transformation of society, justified under the guise of a so-called existential climate crisis. In the name of fighting climate change, activists are driving critically endangered whales to extinction – a major concern in the North Atlantic and blamed on the activities of offshore wind farms, slicing millions of birds and bats each year to death in mid-flight, and blanketing thousands of square miles of pristine lands and shorelines with solar panels and industrial wind farms.

In addition, he drew attention to “sending children of colour to deadly and environmentally devastating rare-earth mining pits, spurring skyrocketing energy costs, taking away gas stoves and other basic household goods, all while surrendering American energy sovereignty to China, Venezuela and rogue regimes in the Middle East”.

The Margarita theme ran throughout the day. “The world’s gone crazy. They saying things I don’t know how,” said Dr. Patrick Moore, the noted ecologist and one of the founders of Greenpeace. Moore left Greenpeace when it became, in his own words, the enemy of civilisation, “and they started peddling junk science for donations”. Moore noted that the Earth had spent the last 500 million years taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. In large parts of the paleoclimate record, when CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere were much higher, there was no link between the gas and rising or cooling temperatures. During the last three interglacial periods over 300,000 years, temperature change preceded CO2 rise by 8,000 years. “Every molecule the Earth puts into the atmosphere, it took out in the first place,” he added.

The Australian geologist Dr. Ian Plimer is another big fan of the life-giving properties of CO2. He suggested that you could count on the hand of a sawmill worker the number of geologists who believe in human-caused climate change. Plimer takes the long view and notes that we are living in boring climatic times. “Climate change is very normal, most of the time it has been warmer and sea levels have been higher,” he added. Over time, the planet’s atmospheric CO2 level has been declining. “It is not a climate crisis, it is a crisis of common sense.” We need more CO2 in the atmosphere, not less, he argued. Life on Earth is expanding, he continued, and we are gaining more species than we are losing. We are not in an extinction event, rather a period of normal species turnover.

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